The difference between die casting and injection molding
 The difference:
1. Die-casting mold injection pressure, so the template is relatively thicker requirements to prevent deformation
2. Die-casting mold gate and injection mold different, need to do splitter cone decomposition of the high-pressure material flow.
3. Die-casting mold die does not require quenching, because the mold cavity temperature exceeds
700 degrees.Therefore, each forming a time equivalent to quenching once.The cavity will be more and more hard.And the general injection
Die to be quenched to HRC52 or more.
4. Die-casting mold cavity to the general nitriding treatment to prevent the alloy die cavity.
5 generally die-casting mold corrosion is relatively large, the outer surface of the general blue treatment.
6. Compared with the injection mold, die-casting mold with the activities of the part (such as core slide) with the gap to be larger, because the high temperature of the die-casting process will cause thermal expansion.If the gap is too small will cause die stuck.
7. Die-casting mold with more demanding parting, because the alloy flow of plastic is much better than the high temperature and pressure of the material from the sub-surface flying out will be very dangerous
8. Injection mold generally by thimble, sub-surface, etc. can be exhaust,
Die casting mold must open the exhaust slot and set the slag bag (collecting cold material head) die casting mold products are many post-process processing, such as tapping, milling in addition to the inner groove undercut, the basic is not the top and the slide inside the slider Injection mold is generally a molding die casting mold parting surface in the 0.1MM range will not run flash, and the plastic mold like AS this material 0.03 will have sewn it!
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