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Capacity and facilities:
1.Auto parts
2.Industrial machinery parts
3.Hydraulic parts
4.Valves & pipes
6.Shredder hammer

We usually use the things as follow:
1)Material: Sand Casting-Aluminum ,Sand Casting-cast iron,Sand Casting-Various alloy steel,etc.
2)Processing method: turning, milling, grinding, drilling, tapping, etc.
3)Surface treatment: painting, Anti-rust oil,Shot blasting,etc.
4)Product inspection: initial sample inspection, process quality control, Pre-shipment Inspection.
5)Inspection tool: Coordinate Measuring Machine, Projector, all kinds of gauge.

We can make the customized parts according to customer's requirement.



1.Sand Casting for Auto parts
2.Sand Casting for Industrial machinery parts
3.Sand Casting for Hydraulic parts
4.Sand Casting for Valves & pipes
5.Sand Casting for Pump
6.Sand Casting for Shredder hammer

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