About Us
Everlasting Enterprise Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Antung group established in 1962, headquartered in Taiwan with six business divisions and 14 re-investment businesses, totaling 220 employees in Taiwan, China, the United States, and the Netherlands. For expanding our sources from Taiwan to Mainland China and cost-down for our customers, Everlasting Enterprise Ltd. was set up in Shanghai & Dongguan, China in 2002.  We moved from Shanghai to Ningbo in 2009.
It's been about 30 years since we started the OEM/ODM products business. With years of experience, excellent engineers, and making a group of qualified manufactures (Most of them are cooperated for more than 20 years), we have established a wide range of product lines and have become a professional supplier for OEM parts.
As an experienced supplier, we always strive to ensure the highest standards in precision components by strictly enforcing qualify assurance, chemical and physical verification measures, as well as develop a quality workforce to source highest quality products at a reasonable cost and ensure on-time delivery to our customers.
We treasure each and every possible opportunity and see every customer’s satisfaction as our goal. We have and will always stick to our original beliefs and offer all customers the best service.
Welcome to find us Everlasting Enterprise Ltd. to be your supply chain specialist. 
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